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Two years in a journal's life: Looking into the future  [editorial]  
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo
The effect of an attention strategy in the learning of the long jump     
[abstract in english]
J. Medina-Papst, C.R.C. Candido, E. Xavier Filho, I. Marques

Reaction time and efficiency of the goalball player in interception/defense of
   [abstract in english]
G.P. Silva, V.R. Pereira, P.P. Deprá, J.I. Gorla

Practitioners' reasons for remaining in physical exercise programs offered by the Social
Service of Commerce − Brazil  
   [abstract in english]
M.S. Castro, N.L. Silva, W. Monteiro, A. Palma, H.G. Resende

Relationships between physical activity, physical fitness, somatic fitness, and coordination along
childhood and adolescence  
   [abstract in english]
J.P. Saraiva, L.P. Rodrigues

Reproducibility of an effort protocol during deep-water running 
     [abstract in english]
I.R.S. Silva, L.S. Oliveira, M.F. Berenguer, A.V.F. Sousa, J.A. Nascimento, M.C. Costa

Effects of cryotherapy and thermotherapy associated with static stretching on the flexibility of
hamstring muscles  
   [abstract in english]
S.A. Silva, D.J. Oliveira, M.J.N. Jaques, R.C. Araújo

New editorial policy  [editorial]  
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo
Explosive strength, velocity and specific motor skills in soccer junior players: A correlational
[abstract in english]
M.C. Marques, B. Travassos, R. Almeida

An evaluation of the somatosensory profile of hemiparetic individuals  
   [abstract in english]
R.S. Mota, T.M.A. Conceição, T.M.C. Soares, I. Lima e Silva, F.B. Cardoso, H. Beresford

Psychological variables and physical exercise in patients with rheumatoid
   [abstract in english]
A.B. Dario, W. Külkamp, H.C. Faraco, M.S. Gevaerd, S.C. Domenech

Precision of 1-RM prediction equations in non-competitive subjects performing strength
   [abstract in english]
M.L. Lacio, V.O. Damasceno, J.M. Vianna, J.R.P. Lima, V.M. Reis, J.P. Brito, J. Fernandes Filho

Worker's life conditions in the teaching profession: Association between lifestyle and quality of life
at work among physical education teachers 
     [abstract in english]
J. Both, J.V. Nascimento, C.N. Sonoo, C.A.F. Lemos, A.F. Borgatto

Psychological stress in high level sailors during competition  
   [abstract in english]
L. Segato, R. Brandt, C.M. Liz, D.I.C. Vasconcellos, A. Andrade

A role for the scientific journal in the development of academic excellence [editorial]  

J. Vasconcelos-Raposo
Comparison between two strength-training systems on the maximum muscular strength
   [abstract in english]
W. Materko, M. Duarte, E.L. Santos, H.S. Junior

Effects of respiratory therapeutics and physical activity in maximal respiratory pressures of
obese women
   [abstract in english]
M.S.L. Cruz, P. Roquetti Fernandes, E. Sonehara, V.M. Reis, F.B. Policarpo, J. Fernandes Filho

Muscle strength relation with hypertrophy indicators after 32 weeks of resistance training in
postmenopausal women
   [abstract in english]
V. Bonganha, R.M.O. Botelho, M.S. Conceição, M.P. Chacon-Mikahil, V.A. Madruga

Relationship between percentage of body fat and anthropometric indicators in individuals
attending a gym
   [abstract in english]
T. Grossl, L.R. Augustemak De Lima, F.C. Karasiak

Association between functional fitness and overweight in elderly women      [abstract in english]
C.R. Rech, J.L.S. Cruz, E.D.S. Araújo, F.G. Kalinowski, R.A. Dellagrana

To publish in Lusophone scientific journals: A goal for a consolidated research
community  [editorial]  

J. Vasconcelos-Raposo, C.M. Teixeira
Patterns of physical activity in different domains and diabetes absence in
[abstract in english]
F.J.G. Pitanga, L.A.B. Almeida, M.M. Freitas, C.P.S. Pitanga, C.C. Beck

Level of physical activity, stress and health of bank clerks  
   [abstract in english]
M.S. Viana, A. Andrade, A.R. Back, D.I.C. Vasconcellos

Preliminary validation of a questionnaire to measure basic psychological needs in Physical
   [abstract in english]
A. Pires, L. Cid, C. Borrego, J. Alves, C. Silva

Leadership preferences behaviors and its influence on athletes’ performance  
   [abstract in english]
M.R.F. Brandão, D. Carchan

Magnitude and duration of the impact generated on the athletes' body during training in Ippon-Seoi-Nage judo technique 
     [abstract in english]
T. Piucco, S.G. Santos

Information processing among high-performance managers  
   [abstract in english]
S.C. Garcia-Santos, L.S. Almeida, B.S.G. Werlang, A.L.M. Veloso