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Changes for 2012  [editorial]  
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo
Relationship between the sprint and vertical jumps' power in young soccerplayers
[abstract in english]
C.J. Silva-Junior, A. Palma, P. Costa, P.P. Pereira-Junior, R.C.L. Barroso, R.C. Abrantes-Junior, M.A.M. Barbosa

Training phases and volume of training for Brazilian female gymnasts in Olympic
Games (1980-2004)
     [abstract in english]
L.M. Schiavon, R.R. Paes, A. Moreira, G.B.M. Maia

Excellence in sport: Towards an understanding of the psychological “architecture” of
elite athletes
     [abstract in english]
D.S. Matos, J.F.A. Cruz, L.S. Almeida

Relationship between strength parameters and squat jump performance in trained
     [full-text in english]
M.C. Marques, J.J. González-Badillo

Martial arts, professional education and the apprenticeship system: Documentary analysis of
Brazilian judo
     [abstract in english]
A.J. Drigo, S. Souza Neto, J. Cesana, J.B.A. Gomes Tojal

Task complexity, age and gender effect on functional motor asymmetry of right- and
left-handed children
     [abstract in english]
P.C. Rodrigues, S.C.M. Carneiro, I. Cabral, M.O. Vasconcelos, J.M. Barreiros

Simple reaction time in soccer players from differing categories and field positions
[abstract in english]
C. Ruschel, A. Haupenthal, M. Hubert, H.B. Fontana, S.M. Pereira, H. Roesler

Seymour Fisher contributions to research on body image     [abstract in english]
P.R.L. Ribeiro, M.C.F. Tavares

New goals and challenges for the future of Journal Motricidade  [editorial]  
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo, H.M. Fernandes
Influence of dance therapy on the functional mobility of children with spastic hemiparetic
cerebral palsy
     [abstract in english]
D.C. Garção

Electronic music effects on neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems and psychophysiological parameters during exhaustive incremental test     [abstract in english]
B.P.C. Smirmaul, J.L. Dantas, E.B. Fontes, A.C. Moraes

Effects of the cognitive tasks in the postural control of elderly:
A systematic revision
     [abstract in english]
L.P. Andrade, F. Stella, F.A. Barbieri, N.M. Rinaldi, A.Y.Y. Hamanaka, L.T.B. Gobbi

Acute effect of caffeine supplementation on performance of muscular strength and cardiovascular changes during resistance training     [abstract in english]
W. Materko, E.L. Santos

Motor imagery as a tool for motor skill training in children     [full-text in english]
A. Doussoulin, L. Rehbein

Factors associated with walking, moderate and vigorous physical activities in
     [abstract in english]
V.C. Barbosa Filho, A.P. Gordia, T.M. Bianchini De Quadros, E.A. Souza, W. Campos

Growth, maturation and development during childhood and adolescence: Implications for
sports practice
     [abstract in english]
A.H.N. Ré

The effect of level of knowledge accuracy of results on learning of motor skills in
children and adults
     [abstract in english]
N.B. Beltrão, R.S. Henrique, A.K.M. Siqueira, J.N.C. Santos, A.M.S. Mello, M.T. Cattuzzo

Physical exercise as a therapeutic tool: What role for scientific journals?  [editorial]  
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo
Reliability of functional fitness tests in women from 60 to 80 years     [abstract in english]
J.S. Virtuoso Júnior, R.O. Guerra

Comparative study of active and inactive elderly persons through the assessment of activities of daily living and quality of life     [abstract in english]
S. Caporicci, M.F.O. Neto

Motor performance in a sample of Brazilian schoolchildren     [abstract in english]
D.P. Guedes, J.T.M. Neto, A.J. Silva

Gait maturation in children with cerebral palsy: A pilot study     [abstract in english]
J.S. Marques, P. Roquetti Fernandes, J. Fernandes Filho, F. B. Policarpo

Upper extremity evaluation test through TEMPA: Reference values, age, gender, dominance effect and relation to dexterity     [abstract in english]
S.M. Michaelsen, A.C. Ovando, M.A. Natalio, G.Z. Mazo, L.C. Rodrigues

Motor performance and learning difficulties in schoolchildren aged 7 to
10 years old
     [abstract in english]
J. Silva, T.S. Beltrame

Interfering factors in the impact magnitudes during jump throw landing in
     [abstract in english]
S.G. Santos, D. Detanico, T. Piucco

EMG profile in two different angles during maximum voluntary isometric contraction in
squat exercise
     [abstract in english]
A.S. Maior, L. Marmelo, S. Marques-Neto

A quest for new forms of intervention [editorial]  
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo, H.M. Fernandes
Analysis of the effect of different intensities and rest interval on the perceived exertion
of athletes
     [abstract in english]
M.S. Silva, T.S. Silva, M.R. Mota, V.O. Damasceno, F. Martins da Silva

Comparative study of joint range of motion in children between 7 and 12 years of age from
different gender
     [abstract in english]
S.I.L. Melo, V.J. Guth, A.C.S. Sousa, C. Sacomori, A.C.V. Martins, L. Lucca

The effect of in-home instruction on the functional performance of children with special
     [abstract in english]
S.L. Pavão, F.P.S. Silva, N.A.C. Rocha

The contribution of exproprioceptive visual information and seat height to the control of the
stand-to-sit movement in young and older individuals
     [abstract in english]
R. Moraes, J. Pereira dos Reis, R.S. Castelli

Declarative and procedural tactical knowledge in soccer players of different
     [abstract in english]
D.S. Giacomini, V.O. Soares, H.F. Santos, C.J. Matias, P.J. Greco

Self-efficacy, physical competence and self-esteem in basketball participants with and
without physical disability
     [abstract in english]
J.P. Ferreira, P.M. Gaspar, M.J. Campos, C.M. Senra

System of tactical assessment in Soccer (FUT-SAT): Development and preliminary
   [abstract in english]
I.T. Costa, J. Garganta, P.J. Greco, I. Mesquita, J. Maia

Abdominal crunch exercise analysis performed with maximum and submaximum loads:
An electromyographic study
     [abstract in english]
M.L. Moura, L.S. Tessutti, A.C. Moraes