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V.M. Reis

Biomechanical and bioenergetical factors determining swimming performance      [abstract in english]
T. Barbosa, K. Keskinen, J.P. Vilas-Boas

Tempo limite à intensidade mínima correspondente ao consumo máximo de oxigénio: Novos desenvolvimentos num parâmetro de recente investigação em natação  
R. Fernandes, J.P. Vilas-Boas

The importance of the scientifc approach of the training process and competition in top level swimmers: The example of start      [abstract in english]
A.J. Silva

Weekend training camps: Teaching and evaluating competitive swimmers, master swimmers and triathlon practitioners      [full-text in english]
R. Arellano

Research to improve breaststroke performances with rule changes      [full-text in english]
U. Persyn, V. Colman, B. Soons, A.J. Silva

An anthropometric comparison of swimmers’muscular energy among the maturational
      [abstract in english]
A. Veronese da Costa, H.B. Oliveira, P.M. Dantas, H.J. Medeiros, J.F. Filho, M.I. Knackfuss

Established index of a normality pattern GDLAM of the evaluation of the flexibility
in elderly 
     [abstract in english]
R.V. Varejão, E.H.M. Dantas

Occupational health in university libraries      [abstract in english]
M.F. Maia, J.T.M. Neto, J. Vasconcelos-Raposo, A.J. Bezerra

V.M. Reis

Analysis of the fundamental patterns of movement in children from 3 to
8 years old
      [abstract in english]
C.R. Ferreira , L.B. Carvalho, A.P. Cavalcante, G.M. Lage, L.A. Neves, H. Ugrinowitsch, R.N. Benda

The dislocations of guard, forward and center in basketball game      [abstract in english]
M.N. Gebrin, P.R. Oliveira

Estabilometric study of the postural orthostatic behaviour in goalball players      [abstract in english]
L. Rocha, J. Fernandes, N. Sousa, V. Monteiro

Drug use and leisure activities involvement in adolescence      [abstract in english]
C. Ferreira, C. Fonte

Study of practical of physical activities and the relation of this with the quality of life and
the VO2 max. predicted
      [abstract in english]
F.J. Aidar, A. Carneiro, A.J. Silva, V.M. Reis, G.S. Novaes, R. Pains

Physical activity and perception and action coupling in elderly postural
      [abstract in english]
A.S. Cardozo, A.C. Prioli, J.A. Barela

Os valores morais de uma profissão  
J.G.F. Drumond

V.M. Reis

Effect of chronological age and biological maturation under physical fi tness in soccer
players aged 13 to 17 years
      [abstract in english]
R. Villar, C.A. Zühl

Aspects of the approach race enter the kick carried through with the dominant and
not dominant member
      [abstract in english]
F.A. Barbieri, R.S.L. Júnior, L.T.B. Gobbi

Characterization of the development of children (6-36 months) participant in lessons of
adaptation to the aquatic way for infants
      [abstract in english]
M. Martins, A. Moreira, A.J. Silva, F. Aidar, J.T.M. Neto, M. Vieira

“Partial” exercises for the inferior members and global swim global in the technique of butterfly
and its implications in the position of the body – pilot study
      [abstract in english]
H. Louro, J. Lima, A. Moreira, A.J. Silva, V.M. Reis, A. Carneiro

Cerebral palsy and aquatic activities: on aspects the health and
social function
     [abstract in english]
F.J. Aidar, A. Carneiro, A.J. Silva, V.M. Reis, N. Garrido, R. Vieira

A Educação Desportiva  
M. Sérgio

Morphologic alterations and hematológicas after an expedition more than the 6500 meters
of altitude: a case study
      [abstract in english]
D.J. Lopes da Silva, P.A.C. Alves 

V.M. Reis

Influence of physical training on metabolic and bones parameters of dexamethasone
administered rats
      [abstract in english]
J.A. Leme, J.R. Pauli, D.M. Crespilho, R.J. Gomes, E. Luciano, M.A. Mello

Agressiveness among portuguese soccer players      [abstract in english]
L.C. Bidutte, R.G. Azzi, J. Vasconcelos-Raposo, L. Almeida

Comparison of acute physiological adaptations to head-out water exercises with immersion
by the xiphoid appendix and the hip joint
      [abstract in english]
T. Barbosa, M.F. Garrido, J. Bragada

Dermatoglyphical, somathotypical, and basic physical characteristics of the qualitiesof high level
performance athletes in Basketball Sport Modality from Brazil
      [abstract in english]
F.G. Bastos, P.S. Dantas, J.F. Filho

O Atletismo no desenvolvimento de crianças portadoras de necessidades especiais:
Um exemplo de sucesso
W.L. Moura, R.N. Benda, J.S. Novaes, M.J.G. Tubino

Can inverse dynamics help to understand the locomotion development?      [abstract in english]
L.T.B. Gobbi