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V.M. Reis

Indirect assessment of peak VO2 from the Cooper Test in football players      [abstract in english]
R.F. Duarte, T.M. Fiúza, F.A. Pereira, E.J. Silva

Comparison of the levels of flexibility between karate and jui jitsu atheles      [abstract in english]
W.D. Soares, R.S. Santos, F.N. Almeida, J.T.N. Miranda, J.S. Novaes

Cognitive orientation of brazilian professional football players      [abstract in english]
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo, A.Mahl

Chronic effects of physical exercise in the plurimetabolic syndrome      [abstract in english]
G.D.Rocha, W.R.M. Ávila

Human Motricity: which future      [abstract in english]
M. Sérgio

Methodological proposal for the acquisition of the techiques of departure for proofs
of ventral swim
      [abstract in english]
A. Silva, L. Novais, R. Fernandes, I. Mourão, A. Carneiro,V. Reis, A. Moreira

Prevention of the injury of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament      [abstract in english]
A.F. Gonçalves

V.M. Reis

Study of the relation between the vertical jump and sprint of 10 in
junior team
    [abstract in english]
RF Duarte, TM Fiuza, FA Pereira, EJ Silva

Comparison between percentages of maximum oxygen uptake measured during a maximal test and predictions based on the equation of oxygen uptake reserve      [abstract in english]
FB Policarpo, L Monteiro, R Mayolino, P Roquetti-Fernandes, HB Oliveira, PMS Dantas, J Fernandes Filho

Comparison in the levels of flexibility between women not athletes practicing resistive
training and workout
      [abstract in english]
ACL Barreto, RGS Vale, JS Novaes

Influence of some anthropometric measurements on the sit-and-reach test      [abstract in english]
DJ Silva, JAR Santos

Aging and functional aptitude: Longitudinal effects of a program of general
physical activity
      [abstract in english]
LS Souza, JR Pauli

Could we study "the body things" breaking the "truth" dispute between the biological and
the human sciences?
      [abstract in english]
R Rodrigues

Methodological proposal for turning techniques acquisition      [abstract in english]
R Fernandes, AC Alexandre, A Silva, I Mourão, J Campaniço, A Moreira, V Reis, A Carneiro

V.M. Reis

Assessment of the nutritional intake in Portuguese gymnasts during a
sports season
    [abstract in english]
M.R. Silva, E. Lebre, M.D. Almeida

Perception of dificulty and locomotor behaviour of elderly descending
bus steps
      [abstract in english]
M.V. Da-Silva, L.T. Gobbi

Reasons for non sports participation among adults: Comparative study between rural and
urban areas
      [abstract in english]
H.M. Fernandes, J.P. Lázaro, J. Vasconcelos-Raposo

Effects of a personal physical training program on functional fitness, body composition and blood biochemistry in elderly      [abstract in english]
J.R. Pauli, L.S. Souza, S. Gobbi, A.S. Zago

Intensive physical training in adolescents: The special case of female
      [abstract in english]
F. Alves

The importance of the physical activity during the bed rest      [abstract in english]
A.C. Melo, R.A. López

Learning methodology for the initial technique aquisition in breastroke      [abstract in english]
A. Gonçalves, U. Persyn, V. Colman, F. Alves, J. Cruz, A. Carneiro, A. Moreira, V. Reis, A. Silva

V.M. Reis

Variation of the hydrodynamic profile during a macro cycle swimmers preparation and their interaction with performance    [abstract in english]
AM Reis, VM Reis, F Alves, AJ Silva

Intensive Interval Training: Comparison between running in horizontal and inclined
      [abstract in english]
VM Reis, AJ Silva, AC Ferreira, AC Sá, A Moreira

Energy expenditure of a gym class assessed by indirect calorimetry      [abstract in english]
MP De Paoli, JT Miranda, AG Barreto, RS Vale, JS Novaes, JH Blanco

Athletics is learned in school      [abstract in english]
SQ Matthiesen, AP Calvo, AC Silva, FR Faganello

And the "amateurs? The contribution of community law for the non discrimination of "amateur athletes"      [abstract in english]
AM Mestre

Assessment and monitoring of training in middle and long distance running      [abstract in english]
VM Reis

Technique and expressiveness: Phenomenological analysis of the body in
     [abstract in english]
CD Bauman, JG Carvalho

Olympism and citizenship: Polis of victory or participation      [abstract in english]
R Andorinha